“Inclusive education is not a marginal issue, but is central to the achievement of high quality education for all learners and the development of more inclusive societies.” UNICEF, 2008

Eureka! Inclusive is a social justice movement, inclusion is part of a much larger picture then just placement in the regular class within a school. The neighborhood public school is where the greatest potential for system wide change lies, and system-wide change of this scale influences and directs social change that reaches across generations and impacts all areas of life.

Every single human being has basic needs that must be met in order to feel fulfilled. The basic needs of food, water and shelter are necessary for us to exist. It's also easy to see that when you don't eat right or exercise it can adversely effect your health and capacity to function in other areas of your life. Having meaning and purpose to what you do and who you are, provides inspiration. Being loved, having relationships and friendships with others enriches our lives and provides a sense of belonging and security.

Education helps meet the need to learn and grow and not remain stagnant, but as with any of our needs, if we focus on one at the expense of the others it does not maximize the overall quality of life. When all these needs are met in an integrated way, each area adds strength in the ability to achieve fulfillment in the other areas.  

  • Inclusion is about meeting all those needs and maximizing a person's overall quality of life.

  • Inclusion is being included in life and participating using one's abilities in day to day activities as a welcomed and embraced member of the community.

  • Inclusion can occur in schools, churches, play-grounds, work and in recreation.

  • Inclusive schools are the building blocks of inclusive cities.

We enthusiastically welcome you to meet our families, explore our proposed school programs, and meet the partners that we have teamed with to make the dream of inclusive schools and cities throughout Silicon Valley and beyond a reality. Our school program is presented using the principles of universal design-text, pictures, and videos-offering multiple ways for you to learn about Eureka!Inclusive. Please do not hesitate to email me directly your ideas to make our website experience better for you and others.

With respect, hope, and an unwavering commitment we are honored to continue this journey with you!

Tiffany Maciel and the entire Eureka! Inclusive Founding Team

Eureka! Inclusive Communities Network is dedicated to building inclusive schools and cities throughout Santa Clara County and beyond. We welcome you to join our dream of inclusion!

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