Dr. Emily Nusbaum

Dr. Emily A. Nusbaum's professional experiences began as an inclusion facilitator in SFUSD. She has worked as adjunct faculty and as an Assistant Professor in teacher education/inclusive education in California and Colorado. Dr. Nusbaum supports families in litigation against school districts with the goal of gaining general education access for their K-12 students labeled with a disability. Her teaching, research and professional interests are focused on promoting Disability Studies within interdisciplinary and educational contexts, and in the utilization of DS as a transformative alternative to work in traditional, special education.

Dr. Nusbaum's current research is focused on advancing critical, qualitative methods by centering disability/disabled researchers. She is working on a project related to the silence/absence of disability from discourses of justice in education, and the resulting erasure of disabled body/minds from educational landscapes. Dr. Nusbaum is also invested in promoting more equitable experiences for students who identify as disabled in post-secondary education contexts.

You can learn more about Dr. Nusbaum by visiting her University of San Francisco faculty page here.