“It is time for parents to teach children early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength.”

- Maya Angelou

Eureka! Inclusive is the vision of parents who met serving on the Community Advisory Committee for Special Education (CACSE) in San Jose Unified School District (SJUSD). They met many families from across SJUSD who shared personal stories of their difficulties accessing the school-based resources and supports their children with disabilities and learning differences require to be meaningfully included in their schools and in their communities.

In the absence of a school designed to address such diversity, many children-that learn differently and process the world differently- are denied an ordinary childhood of academic, social, and recreational opportunities; These children experience feelings of isolation, social exclusion, and big confusing emotions. Many children do not have the language to communicate their feelings or the maturity to understand them, instead they communicate their big feelings by acting out in big ways, or shutting down in big ways. This reality is of great concern to the founding parents of Eureka! Inclusive as there is a documented lack of alternative placements in Santa Clara County for children in grades K-6 that are expelled from district and charter schools. These shortages profoundly impact students from all socioeconomic and cultural categories.

The Eureka! Inclusive parent initiative is responding to the urgent call for society to reject the standards of “an appropriate education” that predicts failure for traditionally marginalized and socially excluded children. The parents did not want a school that set their children apart, they wanted a school that recognized and met the needs of every single student. By successfully identifying barriers, researching solutions, and bringing together experts and diverse stakeholders from the fields of education, finance, marketing, law, and child development, the founders have designed the first intentionally-inclusive, universally designed relationship based publicly funded school in Santa Clara County.

What Do You Do With An Idea? By Kobi Yamada Illustrated by Mae Besom What do you do with an idea? Especially an idea that's different, or daring, or just a little wild? Do you hide it? Walk away from it? Do you pretend it isn't yours?

We enthusiastically welcome you to meet our families, explore our proposed school programs, and meet the partners that we have teamed with to make the dream of inclusive schools throughout Silicon Valley and beyond a reality. Our school program is presented using the principles of universal design-text, pictures, and videos-offering multiple ways for you to learn about Eureka!Inclusive. Please do not hesitate to email me directly your ideas to make our website experience better for you and others.

With respect, hope, and an unwavering commitment we are honored to continue this journey with you!

Tiffany Maciel and the entire Eureka! Inclusive Founding Team

When all is said and done, a student offered an educational program providing ‘merely more than de minimis’ progress from year to year can hardly be said to have been offered an education at all,” Roberts wrote. “For children with disabilities, receiving instruction that aims so low would be tantamount to ‘sitting idly awaiting the time when they were old enough to “drop out.”
— Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., Endrew F. v. Douglas County School District, the U.S. Supreme Court

 Watch this interview to learn more about the case and outcomes….

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